About Us

The TrendyBlends Story

Being in and around the health industry for many years, we knew from the beginning Real Fruit Ice Cream would become this popular. The trend towards healthy living has been growing exponentially every year. With a Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine your customers can now have their treats and eat them too, time after time.

Consisting of natural frozen fruit, natural vanilla ice cream or natural frozen yogurt, real fruit ice cream has less sugar and is healthier. Because there are no artificial colourings, flavouring or additives, your customers can immediately taste the difference and will keep coming back.

Our machines are better value, more reliable and we have included more features. You will find the self-cleaning water feature extremely handy, the splash guard and easy wipe stainless body of great use too. You can even disassemble the machine at the end of the day for full cleaning without any tools. Our machines cost less, work better and need less maintenance.

Warranty on motor and electronics.

A full range of replacement parts are available, we have instruction and maintenance videos, recipes, tips and advice. We can provide real fruit ice cream and frozen yogurt profit breakdowns, and even menu ideas.

We pride ourselves with our after sales service: Because we want your business to be a success like our many other customers around the world, we are there to help you make profit with our machines. We have a wealth of information whether operational, marketing or more practical information to assist you in making the most profit possible.


We have seen Real Fruit Ice Cream become more popular year after year in Australia and New Zealand. This is no surprise, as two key food trends over that period have been towards gourmet and healthier food. Real fruit ice cream is a healthier gourmet ice cream treat. It is a better tasting healthier ice cream option. We are now starting to see this popularity grow in other countries, and are well placed to help these customers take advantage of this great opportunity. Real Fruit Frozen Yogurt is another great addition you can offer a low fat low sugar frozen yogurt for a healthier option. Our Trendyblends machine blends fruit and frozen yogurt in to a flavourful frozen treat that is more natural.. You can use both organic fruit and ice cream/frozen yogurt, as well even vegan options. All will taste fresh and delicious with healthy natural fruit. For healthier product and profits use our Trendyblends Real fruit Ice Cream machines.